Ojców - National Park

Ojców is a village situated only 18 km (11 miles) north-west of Cracow. It is one of the sights of the Eagle Nests Trail, as there are the ruins of a Gothic castle near the village. The village lies just in the middle of the Ojców National Park (the smallest of Poland's 23 national parks).


The trip is a great opportunity to rest outside the buzzing city of Cracow and  savour one of the best places of natural beauty in Southern Poland.

Cracow - 18 km

Duration: ca. 5 hours

Individual travellers
Nr of pax12345678
Price per person* EUR10559443735302725

*The price includes: guided tour and transfer by chauffeured car.

Groups (more than 3 pax)
Price per person* EUR25
USD 33
PLN 100

*The price includes: guided tour and transfer by coach.

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