Jewish heritage route

In Cracow there are three districts closely connected to the history of the Jewish people: Kazimierz, Podgórze and Płaszów.

Kazimierz is a historical district of Cracow, best known for being home to a Jewish community from the 15th century until the Second World War. Podgórze is the site which the Nazis chose to be the Jewish ghetto during the tragic years of the II World War and Płaszów is the location of the Nazis labour camp, where thousands of Jewish and Polish people perished.

Although today the Jewish community in Cracow is scarse in number, there are still many sights connected to Jewish culture, tradition and religion.

On your route you will visit 7 synagogues in Kazimierz. The most important among them are: the Old Synagogue, now housing a Jewish History museum, and the Remuh Synagogue with its Old Jewish Cemetery. The tour will also take you to the sites where Steven Spielberg shot his world-famed film "Schindler's List" and to Podgórze - the place of the Nazi Ghetto.

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Duration: ca. 3 hours

Individual travellers
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Price per person* EUR81443225222018

*The price includes: guided tour, entry tickets to the synagogues.

Groups/Guiding service only
Price per group* EUR74
USD 97
PLN 300

*The price includes: guide service; entry tickets are not included.

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