St Stanislaw Route

St Stanislaw (also known as Stanislaus of Szczepanow) is the main patron saint of Poland. He was the bishop of Cracow in the XI century. The conflict that he had with king Boleslaus the Bold ended in the death of the bishop in 1079.

The tradition says that king Bolesław sent his men to execute Bishop Stanisław without trial, but when they dared not touch the Bishop, the King decided to kill the traitor himself. He is said to have slain Stanisław while he was celebrating Mass in the Skałka church outside the walls of Cracow. The Bishop's body was then hacked to pieces and thrown into a pool outside the church. According to the legend, his members miraculously reintegrated while the pool was guarded by four eagles.

The route begins in the Royal Cathedral on Wawel Hill (the Archicathedral of SS Venceslas and Stanislaus), which holds the saint's relics and became a principal national shrine. We then descend Wawel and, going further along the Vistula embankment, reach the Baroque Church of SS Michael and Stanislaus and the Pauline Church and Monastery "Na Skalce" (On the Rock), the witness of the murder of St Stanislaw in the XI century. The route also takes us to St Catherine's Church, built in the 14th century for the Augustinians - one of the best example of Gothic style in Cracow's architecture and Wolnica Square - the former Market Square of the City of Kazimierz founded in the 14th century by King Casimir the Great.

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Duration: ca. 3 hours

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