Nowa Huta route

While in Cracow it is also worth visiting Nowa Huta - the youngest district of Cracow. Nowa Huta was started in 1949 as a separate town near Kraków and was planned to be an ideal socialistic town - populated by industrial workers, new sociailstic people, who would work for the new, huge steel mill situated nearby (originally named after W. Lenin, now ArcelorMittal Steel Mill).

The reasons for building such an industrial town near Kraków were mostly ideological and were against laws of economy. This became visible in the 1980s, when the economical crisis halted the city's growth.
One type of building lacking from the original urban design of Nowa Huta was a Roman-Catholic church, and a campaign to construct it lasted several years. As early as in 1960 violent street fights erupted over a wooden cross, erected by the locals, who were supported by Bishop Karol Wojtyla. Finally, in 1966, a church called Lord's Arc was built. In the 1980s Nowa Huta became a place of many demonstrations and violent street protests of the Solidarity movement, fought by the Militia. At that time, almost 29,000 of the 38,000 workers of the then Lenin's Steelworks belonged to the Trade Union "Solidarity".

Our tour will take you to the Administrative Center of ArcelorMittal Steelworks, Wanda Mound (connected to the legendary princess Wanda), Cistercian Abbey in Mogiła, the Central Square (Ronald Reagan Square) and the Church of Blessed Virgin Mary Queen of Poland, called Lord's Arc.

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Duration: ca. 3 hours

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